Lunchbox Loser: Production Design

I was Production Designer for the multiple award-winning Lunchbox Loser, an early 1990's-set dark comedy, which is part of the Dramatic Short Film Program at The Canadian Film Centre.

An official trailer and a short clip from the film can be found in another section on this site.

Director: Virginia Abramovich
Writer: Chandler Levack
Director of Photography: Jason Webber


Aspiring stand-up sensation Natasha Marakova would rather practice her comedy routine alone in the bathroom than try to deal with school politics. When the hall monitor busts her sanctuary hideout, Natasha is forced to eat in the lunchroom for the first time. After being humiliated by the most popular girls in school for the contents of her lunchbag, Natasha vows revenge. Winning over the tough lunchroom audience isn’t easy, especially with a heckler in the crowd. Lunchbox Loser is a dark comedy, about owning who you are and eating it with pride.

Production Designer

The Canadian Film Centre