A collection of media interviews I have given over the years, both print and online, on the topics of interior design and/or green design. More to be added soon.

Text-only version of ‘No Compromise’ [aka ‘Hip, Not Hippie’] by Connie Adair, The Toronto Sun [photos above]: [Canada].

Text-only version of ‘Leave Something Behind’ by Connie Adair, The Toronto Sun [photos above]: [Canada].

Additional Press [links to be added]:

‘Grand Designs’ by Robin Heron for Post City Magazine [Toronto, Canada].

‘Designer Superstar Challenge’ by Jennifer Schmitt for Parkdalian [Toronto, Canada].

‘Green Design Summit.’ Webcast interview. I was featured as an expert speaker on green design, alongside HGTV/Planet Green’s Ed Begely Jr. [Living With Ed] and Graham Hill [founder of].

Interior Designer, Green Design Consultant

The Toronto Sun, Sun Media, Post City Magazine, Parkdalian, Green Design Summit